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CCA discussing federal vaccination mandates on construction sites

The Canadian Construction Association is gathering information from the industry on the federal government’s announcement all workers at its construction sites must be vaccinated, as of November 15. 

“The federal government has decided it will require all workers be vaccinated at its own construction sites, both on new contracts and existing contracts,” MHCA President Chris Lorenc said. Lorenc joined other industry representatives across Canada in a CCA video conference call this week, to hear the details about the mandate.

To see the full CCA power point presentation click here.

The federal government announced October 6 the public service will need to be vaccinated by the end of this month, or they will be put on upaid leave of absence.

There was little publicity on the fact the vaccination mandate also extends to construction contractors and sub-contractors, as well. (Limited exceptions will apply).

The government website notice says:

  • Contractors who currently have a contract with the Government of Canada will be contacted by the contracting officer with a certification form that they must complete and return, certifying that their personnel that access federal workplaces will be fully vaccinated as of November 15, 2021. Contractors who do not submit the certification may be subject to further measures, up to and including termination.
  • As of October 15, 2021,bidders for contracts that will require supplier personnel to access federal government workplaces must submit a certification proving they meet the vaccine requirement as a condition of the bid. Bids that do not include the certification will not be considered. The certification form will be included with implicated Requests for Proposals.

The government press release on the vaccination mandate noted it applies to all federal public servants in the core public administration, RCMP, federally regulated transportation employers, travellers by air or rail. Crown corporations and agencies are asked to implement policies that mirror the federal mandate.

The vaccination requirement does not apply to:

  • federal construction sites under the custody of the construction manager.
  • contracts for services performed outside of Canada or contracts that are solely for the provision of goods.
  • contracts where services are solely performed in non-federal government workplaces.
  • situations where federal employees must enter contractor facilities.
  • contracted personnel who will only access common areas of buildings that are open to the public.

The CCA note that there are a number of questions regarding the rollout of the vaccination mandate to construction contractors, such as those touching upon liability and risk, Lorenc said.

“The local construction associations had a number of questions and scenarios that needed additional information with respect to the implications of this mandate and the CCA has committed to getting back to us, when they get more detail.”