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COVID-19, vaccination and return to work, offices

As public health restrictions lift with the reduction of COVID-19 cases in our province, employers will be asking some questions about how to return to work, especially in office settings, safely.

Top among the questions and considerations will be:

  • What are my obligations to keep employees safe and protect against possible COVID-19 infection in the workplace?; and,
  • Can employers require proof of vaccination for employees returning to work?

There is no simple, fast quick answer – but you probably knew that. Further, while there is some legislation in Canada outlining certain vaccination requirements for specific workers, as of yet Manitoba has no such legislation and the province has previously stated that COVID-19 vaccination will not be mandatory.

The issues demand a balancing of the rights of the individuals involved – the specific employee and the staff, generally.

To assist employers in making these decisions, and weighing their options, the MHCA — as part of the Manitoba Employers Council — received legal counsel advice on the issue(s) involved.

To read the advice, click here.