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Equipment Rental Rate Guide to see changes for 2021

The MHCA’s Equipment Rental Rate Guide will include a number of changes, including some increased rates, when it is published in 2021.

“We need to adjust the rates to reflect the increase in costs associated with some equipment and also to ensure we are competitive with other jurisdictions,” said Greg McKee, Chair of the MHCA Equipment Rental Rates Committee. “We have adjusted our rates where they were notably lower than those in Saskatchewan and Alberta.”

As well, the guide will include new hourly rates for some equipment requiring GPS/network connectivity or base stations; the cost of surveying will also be adjusted. All of these rate pages will be gathered under a new “Machine Control” tab in the guide, for ease of the user.

Other changes in 2021 include:

  • a new page for mobile conveyors/material transfer units, road wideners and spray injection patching equipment will be included under the Asphalt Paving tab. Spray injection patching equipment rates will rise by 10%.
  • rates for some paving and compaction equipment will rise, to the average of Alberta and Saskatchewan’s rates
  • rates for ancillary equipment will rise by 7%

In the MHCA Membership Directory, there will be two new categories for members services (the yellow pages) – Rubber Tracks, and Winter/Ice Roads.

The 2021 MHCA Membership Directory and Equipment Rental Rates Guide is in preparation now, and is to go to the publisher for printing early next year. Members will see their directories mailed to them mid-March.

Vendors who have not yet submitted an update for their model listings are encouraged to forward any changes necessary to Catherine Mitchell at