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Heavy Santa still makes her way to David Livingstone School

The COVID-19 lockdown is no match for a determined Heavy Santa.

Despite the challenges of the year, Santa still made a special delivery to about 80 students in Grades 1 to 3 at David Livingstone School last week.

The children each received a toy, $5 McDonald’s gift card, toque, mitts, and oodles of candies and chocolates for their socially distanced Christmas parties Friday, December 4.

The Christmas gift to the school, an iPad, was presented to Principal Chris and Vice-Principal Lisa by MHCA’s principal elves Christine and Jocelyn, who is Santa’s No. 1 project manager for the annual Heavy Santa event. 

Principal Chris gave special thanks to the heavy construction industry here.

While much of MHCA’s annual fundraising for the Heavy Santa lunch at David Livingstone was cut short by 2020’s event cancellations (COVID-19 is such a Grinch!), Santa had special help this year to gather the presents at the North Pole. Anonymous donors contributed $1,300 to augment the funds raised early in 2020 at the MHCA Curling Classic.

MHCA once again sincerely thanks those donors and wishes all David Livingstone staff and pupils good health, joy and the best of the season.

Happy holidays to all!