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Member survey finds pandemic significantly affecting industry

The survey of members MHCA sent March 26 has revealed many companies have reduced staff and operating hours and that there is deep concern in the industry about the construction season to come.

“We are redoubling our efforts to talk to the province and the City of Winnipeg to ensure that the schedule for design and tender advertising stays the course, and that contract awards proceed as expected,” MHCA President Chris Lorenc said. “We are assured both levels of government are intent on flowing the program as budgeted this year, and the province has listed construction as an essential and critical service.”

Construction is to proceed, subject to newly devised safety protocols, which industry can see on the WORKSAFELY™ website here.

The primary concerns of the respondents to the survey were financial impacts of the economic hit the pandemic has delivered, and specifically whether governments will proceed with tenders as planned; how they could continue to meet payroll obligations and whether there will be sufficient support from government to do so; and where they can go to get up to date information and resources on the impact and responses to the pandemic.

MHCA has pinned a COVID-19 tab  to its homepage, a one-stop resource for all government notices, programs, MHCA advocacy items, WORKSAFELY resources and general news during the pandemic.

Survey results included:

  • 89 respondents said the COVID-19 outbreak has had a significant impact on their operations
  • 91 respondents said they have reduced their operating hours
  • 9 respondents said they have closed operations
  • The biggest challenges were: financial; HR; supply; and, general uncertainty

Members are encouraged to check the COVID-19 tab and WORKSAFELY website regularly for updates.