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MHCA Board reminds industry on need for safe work amid pandemic

Follow COVID-19 safety protocols diligently: letter from Board Chair

All construction companies or related services that continue to work during the COVID-19 shutdown have a duty to ensure worksites and employees are protected from the potential transmission of the pandemic virus, MHCA Chair Jack Meseyton says in an open letter sent on behalf of the Board of Directors to association members and its COR clients.

“Governments have trusted our industry to work safely as a critical service during the pandemic,” Meseyton states in the letter sent April 15. “We must commit to keeping our workers safe and worksites healthy places.”

MHCA’s WORKSAFELY™ team has prepared a series of clear, workable protocols and practices for operating during COVID-19, Meseyton noted. “Every company working in this environment must diligently follow those safety and health protocols written specifically to deal with the risk of infection.”

The WORKSAFELY™ resources are available here.

“The heavy construction industry is a vital service. We fix the roads and highways, to help keep the supply chain moving and allow emergency services to operate. Our water and sewer, and flood protection services work to protect all Manitobans,” stressed MHCA President Chris Lorenc, explaining the need for the industry reminder.

“But that can only happen if our worksites do not pose the threat that people will become sick with the corona virus.”

Other jurisdictions, specifically Quebec, have moved to restrict construction during the pandemic. That can happen anywhere if it appears transmission of COVID-19 cannot be contained, Meseyton cautioned.

Companies requiring special assistance or anyone needing clarification on how the protocols can work in specific circumstances are encouraged to call their WORKSAFELY™ safety advisor. Contact information is here.

Meseyton’s full letter to members can be read here.