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MHCA, MI working on detailed COVID-19 safe-work practices

The MHCA is working with Manitoba Infrastructure to see safe-work practices that control risks during the COVID-19 pandemic are in place at all construction work sites this season.

MI has said it plans to proceed with tender advertising and awards, and is working on the assumption the projects advertised will roll out this construction season. All planning is subject to the evolving health emergency landscape and provincial directives.

MHCA’s WORKSAFELY team has posted extensive, industry-specific resources to help protect workers and the work. They are available here.

MHCA and its partners in the construction field have written to the premier and cabinet ministers seeking assurance core infrastructure work is listed as an ‘essential service’ during the pandemic.

MI is working on a detailed review of individual safe-work practices for all field activities.

“The objective is to ensure that we have a complete handle on COVID-19 implications and appropriate management tactics leading into the 2020 construction season,” the department noted in an email to MHCA.

“Related to both the remote environment and COVID-19 MI will be introducing Special Provisions into MI tenders in the coming days. The industry can expect to see SPs related to:

  1. Submission of digitally verifiable electronic performance bonds and labour and material payment bonds. Sureties offer digitally verifiable electronic bonds that can be simply emailed to avoid paper handling. Bid bonds are already digitally verifiable through the MERX platform so that process will remain unchanged.
  2. Digital signature of contract documents. MI will be issuing contracts to successful contractors in an electronic PDF format to be signed digitally using an Adobe product of the contractor’s choice (i.e. Reader, Pro, etc.).
  3. Digital signature of release agreements. This will be similar to item 2 above.
  4. Evidence that contractors have incorporated changes to their health and safety plans to manage COVID-19.
  5. Management and liability of contract activities and schedules that may be affected by COVID-19.”