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MHCA seeks details on provincial tender schedule, awards

The MHCA has asked Manitoba Infrastructure for an up-to-date tally of its tender advertising schedule, requesting the total value of highways work tendered and also of those awarded to date, including in the supply side.

“We are concerned, with the construction season in full swing, that the window for awards and project start is closing,” said MHCA President Chris Lorenc.

Lorenc noted that along with the $362.5 million Highways Capital budget for 2020, there is also about $5 million in roll-over funds, unexpended in 2019’s budget, and an allotment out of the $45 million the provincial government said would be added for climate-resiliency projects. 

Further, the province in early May announced an additional $513 million will flow to infrastructure projects over 2020 and 2021 to assist in economic recovery.

The MHCA is assuming the additional $513M will flow relatively equally over 2020 and 2021 and is awaiting information on the project type and timing.

“To ensure industry ability to provide employment to its existing workforce and hire new workers, including students, tendering should include projects across Manitoba in a variety of sizes and scope, and it has to happen soon,” said Lorenc.