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MHCA signs new funding agreement with WCB

A new agreement between the MHCA and the Workers Compensation Board provides for a new formula to fund the industry-based safety program.

The new agreement, approved October 28, 2020, by the MHCA’s Executive Committee, will see revenues for the WORKSAFELY™ program derived first from a 5% levy on the participating employers in levy-funded classification codes, with the WCB funding budget costs beyond the 5%.

The new agreement term runs from Oct. 28, 2021 to Dec. 31, 2026.

“This was a complicated agreement to finalize, in part because of the many elements it must cover but also because of the updated compliance requirements expected by the WCB,” MHCA President Chris Lorenc said. “It was time-consuming and subject to a great deal of discussion with WCB, but the agreement as written is solid and responsive to our industry concerns.”

The new safety program agreement was among a number of issues highlighted for discussion at the October 28 meeting of the Executive Committee.

Other priorities discussed included

  • The MHCA and its counterparts in Western Canada continue to press Saskatchewan to remove local preference clauses in its tender and construction documents. Those clauses all but eliminate the opportunity for out-of-province firms to win bids on public construction contracts. Read more.
  • MHCA will be asking Winnipeggers to call their councilors to restore funding levels for street repairs in the City of Winnipeg’s draft 2021 operating and capital budget, in preparation now. Read more.
  • MHCA has enlisted the assistance of Coun. Matt Allard, chair of the IRPW, to advance the work of the Specification Review Committee, relating to the use of recycled concrete aggregates. MHCA has proposed a preparatory workshop be called, to lay out how a review of RCAs can take place, to fulfil the IRPW’s direction to increase their use in road-building projects.
  • WORKSAFELY™ safety advisors are delivering in-class training, at the Manitoba Construction Sector Council at 1000 Waverley.
  • WORKSAFELY™ is pressing for stepped up efforts to battle increased fatal and injurious incidents at roadside construction zones.
  • MHCA’s notice to members of the online AGM December 20, 2020, has elicited strong response in member registration.