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Motor Carrier Safety Program

The province has announced changes to the permitting of motor carriers, coming into effect December 1, 2022.

At a November 8 information session hosted by Janice Miller, Director of Safety & Permits Motor Carrier branch, walked through the important changes to the Safety Fitness Certificate renewal Process.

The highlights are below:

  • A requirement to have a certified compliance officer for new entrants to the motor carrier industry in Manitoba.
    • MTI will be delivering a safety course, however, it will not be required for the named compliance officers for existing carriers. For new companies, if the compliance officer changes, the new one must be trained. The 5-day course will be delivered in-person and online at Manitoba Trucking Association.
  • Proof of valid periodic mandatory vehicle inspection (PMVI) – Manitoba requires that regulated vehicles are mechanically sound and inspected regularly as specified in the Period Mandatory Vehicle Inspection Regulation.
    • Carriers will be required to provide proof that all their regulated power units (trucks) have a valid PMVI certificate at the time their Safety Fitness Certificate (SFC) is renewed.
    • Operators of large fleets (10 or more vehicles) will be allowed to attest that all their vehicles are in compliance, to reduce the administrative burden to these carriers.
  • Vehicle kilometres traveled – Carriers will be asked to provide the total kilometres traveled by their fleet in the last year. The annual vehicle kilometres travelled can be easily obtained for each truck by subtracting the odometer reading on the vehicle’s previous PMVI certificate from the odometer reading on the current PMVI certificate. Total vehicle kilometres travelled will help the department better assess and compare the on-road safety record of motor carriers in the future. MTI will be using it to determine safety performance measurement threshold for future policy development
  • Carrier Representative Authorization (if applicable) – Some carriers work with transportation consultants or an insurance broker to complete their SFC application. Carriers will be required to explicitly identify who they authorize to interact with MTI on their behalf.

As well, coming into effect in January, 2023, MTI will have to have motor carriers have electronic logging devices in vehicles. The branch is currently issuing warnings in the meantime.

A list of approved devices can be found on the MTI website. For those staying within the 160-kilometre radius, tracking can be done on paper with a permit, rather than an electronic device.

All above requirements apply to Manitoba-plated power units and not trailers.

Miller also reminded carriers the Manitoba government has introduced legislation that would create a new offence under the Highway Traffic Act for those driving on closed roads. Law enforcement officers will be able to issue traffic tickets; maximum fine would be $5,000 for drivers of heavy vehicles and $2,000 for drivers of light vehicles.

For more information, you can reach Janice Miller at 204-945-8117.