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Province will work with industry on construction heater regulation

The Municipal Relations Department has told construction industry associations they will be consulted on the regulation of construction heaters.

“We are glad to hear our industry and other associations in construction will be contacted for input on the way oil and gas and construction heaters are regulated,” MHCA WORKSAFELY™ Director Don Hurst said.

A policy amendment in recent years required a permit to be pulled for the installation and use of portable propane and oil construction heaters. The MHCA joined a call by the Winnipeg Construction Association to exempt portable heaters of less than 400,000 BTUs from that requirement.

The WCA noted the scarcity of licenced pipe fitters across Manitoba and the simplicity of the installation of such smaller portable heaters (effectively plug into a fuel source and flip a switch) made the regulatory restrictions overbearing.

The policy change required a pipefitter to be engaged if a portable heater was moved, an unreasonable expectation when such heaters can be moved around a large job site frequently.

The MHCA joined the WCA effort, along with Manitoba Home Builders Association and equipment rental agencies in appealing to Municipal Relations for an exemption for portable heaters less than 400,000 BTUs.

WCA and MHCA assured the department their safety and health training programs were prepared to offer training courses to member companies in the safe handling, installation and operation of portable heaters.

A senior department official notified the industry associations that they will be contacted to arrange a meeting in the near future.