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Trade corridors and a diversified labour force featured in MHCA supplement

A growing interest in a new investment program for trade gateways and corridors is the primary focus of the MHCA’s supplement in the Winnipeg Free Press. The supplement, a full newspaper section, is to be delivered with the Free Press on subscribers’ doorsteps Saturday, September 18.

“We are really encouraged by the fact the proposal for a Western Canada Trade Gateways & Corridors Initiative is gathering such strength, with support from the Canadian Construction Association, Economic Development Canada, chambers of commerce across the West and provincial premiers,” MHCA President Chris Lorenc said.

The September 18 supplement will elaborate on the concept of the WCTG&CI, initiated by the Western Canada Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association.

The supplement, titled Building Manitoba, the West’s corridor to trade, features an article by Lorenc about Manitoba’s plan for strategic investment in its transportation network, including connecting all regions to regional trade routes, to ensure people and goods can move unimpeded by weather and thaw cycles.

You can read Lorenc’s article Manitoba’s economy needs investment in trade corridors here.

The supplement will also feature articles about the heavy construction industry’s efforts and success at diversifying its labour force. The MHCA, responding to the industry’s needs, has stepped up its efforts to reach into the groups that have been traditionally under-represented in the heavy construction worksites.

The association’s website now features a Diversity tab, to act as a resource for employers, employees and anyone looking to break into the industry.

MHCA’s Education and Diversity Programs Advisor Jackie Jones takes a look at the growing number of women taking up careers in the industry in her article Heavy construction – women work as well as men.

“I am really looking forward to engaging with individuals from all groups, in communities across Manitoba, as our industry workforce expands its recruitment efforts,” Jones said. “I like what I’m hearing from not just women, but those from other non-traditional labour groups who have found good jobs and real opportunity in heavy construction.”

 Members can see the full supplement through this link. If you would like additional hard copies of the MHCA supplement, to circulate or for display in your office or lobby, please contact MHCA Marketing and Communications Coordinator Lee Woods at 204-947-1379, or at