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Vaccines, public health recommendations and back to work

MHCA would like to remind all members and COR® clients that with the easing of public health restrictions, there remains an obligation to protect your workers and clients from possible COVID-19 infection.

Manitoba’s Chief Occupational Health Officer, Dr. Denise Koh, has compiled a number of resources for employers on the issue of COVID-19 health and safety measures in the workplace and for information regarding reporting where two or more cases of COVID-19 have appeared in a workplace.

MHCA and WORKSAFELY™ have been receiving inquiries about whether and how employers can ask or require COVID-19 vaccinations in their workplaces. There is no quick, simple answer to that. That is why MHCA advises all members to consult this letter, a legal synopsis of the vaccination question solicited by MHCA as part of the Manitoba Employers Council.

Many of the pandemic public health restrictions have been lifted, and replaced with recommendations.

Many workplaces and retail outlets have chosen to continue to require masks be worn indoors; that is the recommendation of the public health office especially for those who are not fully vaccinated. There remains concern that, with the circulation of the more infectious delta COVID-19 virus, that cases of infection will rise again.

Further, the provincial government underscored that employers remain obligated to formally report where two or more cases of infection occur in a close time in their workplace/worksite.

For more information on COVID-19 provincial restrictions, recommendations and workplace safety and health resources please consult MHCA/WORKSAFELY™ website tabs. Alternatively, please contact the WORKSAFELY Safety Advisor for your region.