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Zipper merge signs added to 2022 temporary traffic control manual

A Winnipeg council committee has approved the revision of the temporary traffic control manual to see zipper merge signs erected on high-speed roads under construction in 2022.

Click here to see the new manual.

The Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works Committee on March 8 approved the Public Service recommendation to change the current manual to include:

  1. The diagram of a standard Designated Construction Zone setup was updated to include zipper merge signs (Section 3.04.03)
  2. A section was added to introduce the zipper merge concept and define criteria on when they are to be used. (Sec. 3.04.04)
  3. Zipper merge signs were added to the illustration of common traffic control signs. (Sec. 5.02.01)
  4. The term Lane Closure Application was added to the list of definitions to refer to the recently launched browser and mobile based application where all lane closures are managed. (Sec. 1.03)

The zipper signs would be placed during construction on roads where the speed limit is 80 kilometres per hour, or higher.

The IRPW’s approval of the manual changes requires the approval of the Province.

Once the 2022 manual has been approved, a letter advising of the new edition and indicating how a 2022 manual can be accessed on the City’s website will be emailed to sign manufacturers, licensed contractors, project managers, crane operators, developers, consultants and utilities.