MHCA acknowledges it is located on Treaty One land and the homeland of the Metis Nation



Municipalities host roughly 50-60% of Canada’s core infrastructure but are forced to maintain those critical assets through a turn-of-the-century funding model. We need a new funding model, for modern, competitive local governments. Read MHCA’s Elements of a Municipal Core Infrastructure Investment Policy – 2019

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City of Winnipeg State of Infrastructure Report 2018 – read report

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Road Construction Working Group – read report

1998 Strategic Infrastructure-Reinvestment Policy Report Recommendations – read report


INLAND PORT – February 3, 2022 update – Read report or watch Centreport’s CEO Diane Grey’s presentation at MHCA Webinar with the Leaders February 3, 2022 here.

Transportation Driving Growth Report – Read report


Core infrastructure provides the foundation supporting all our social infrastructure programs and critical services. Read MHCA’s Elements of a Provincial Highways Trade Infrastructure Policy – 2019

Conference Board of Canada’s estimate of return on investment from Manitoba’s 2014-15 expenditures in transportation infrastructure – Read report

Conference Board of Canada MB Infra Impact 2014 –Read report

New relationships: a new order. A balanced approach to funding municipal infrastructure in Manitoba. Report of the Infrastructure Funding Council 2011 – read report


From Shovel Ready to Shovel Worthy – Canada West Foundation – Executive summary – Read report

From Shovel Ready to Shovel Worthy – Canada West Foundation – Read report

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Strength, resilience, sustainability – Canada’s construction sector recommendations
on adapting to climate change – read report

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Canada’s Economic Action Plan – Job Impact of the Economic Action Plan, 2011; Page 147. Read report.

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