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“My crew is one of the best in the company right now. You have to want to work hard and want to learn. In my crew, they are Filipino, Polish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Ethiopian, Jamaican.

“The benefits, too, are good – dental, eye, massage therapy.”

Abdul Navid Abdul Baqi, concrete foreman, Bituminex Paving


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“A lot of people make good money knowing this industry. We’re in need of more skilled labour.

“I was a CFS kid, I moved around a lot, in different foster homes. I am actually quite proud of what I’ve done and achieved.

Dave Choken, supervisor, underground division, Bituminex Paving

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“I like (concrete) finishing, I like the design (element). I love it, I enjoy it.

“I consider myself a lucky person. When I came to Canada I was just trying to get any job and construction was the first thing that came to me.”

Tewodrose Mengistu, concrete finisher, Bituminex Paving

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