MHCA acknowledges it is located on Treaty One land and the homeland of the Metis Nation

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MHCA’s advocacy serves our communities and our industry because it recognizes that without a vibrant and growing economy, Canadians could not enjoy the standard of living that is envied globally.

Strategic investment in core infrastructure – highways, streets, bridges, sewer & water, and water control structures – instantly creates well-paying jobs. We all need strong, reliable core infrastructure.

Whenever you:

  • turn on the tap, or flush the toilet
  • walk, cycle or ride to work or school
  • stay high and dry when flood waters threaten

you’ve been served by our industry.

Sustainable, long-term and incremental core infrastructure programs support our economy because strategic infrastructure investment has been verified in repeat economic analyses to hold amongst the highest returns to our GDP. A healthy GDP reliably generates the revenues governments depend on to provide the social programs Canadians expect and deserve.

We speak loudly and proudly for the approximately 15,000 workers whose jobs directly or indirectly are attached to the heavy construction industry.

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‘You shouldn’t need an ATV to drive on our roads’

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Advocacy works

Recent results of MHCA’s advocacy

  • Right to appeal for when applicants are denied requests to open pits or quarries
    • MHCA worked with the province to introduce an appeal mechanism in the Planning Act. Lilyfield quarry owner Colleen Munro won her appeal at the Manitoba Municipal Board in September 2020, after the RM of Rosser rejected her conditional-use application.
  • Core infrastructure investment rises, construction declared an essential service in pandemic
    • MHCA and WORKSAFELY® pressed to ensure our industry’s work was declared an essential service in March 2020 when most businesses closed
    • MHCA’s advocacy saw Manitoba’s economic restart plan add an additional $265 million, over two years, to core infrastructure investment, securing more work for the industry
  • Winnipeg Council committee directs the Public Works department to work to ensure recycled concrete aggregates are used in road-building projects
    • In September 2020, the Public Works department was directed to work with MHCA, the Specification Review Committee and U of M Prof. Amed Shalaby to compile best practices and recommendations, including a cross-jurisdictional analysis, for increased use of recycled concrete aggregate.
  • Quarry rehabilitation work restarts
    • Manitoba has approved applications for rehab work on spent pits and quarries, after vigorously work by the MHCA to reactivate the Quarry Rehabilitation Program. The program was halted in 2018, pending review by the Auditor General.

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    The MHCA has developed 6 fundamental principles for sound investment in core infrastructure – streets, highways, bridges, land drainage, water distribution and wastewater treatment systems. We propose infrastructure investment programs that are:

      Infrastructure investment should be set out in a long-term plan, with predictable cost-sharing between governments
      Evidence shows that investment in strategic infrastructure has defined returns to the economy, $1.60 for every $1 invested (Finance Canada, 7th Report to Canadians, 2011)
      Adopting new ways to sustainably build or maintain infrastructure will get more value out of the infrastructure budgets
      The private sector is the source of ingenuity
      Taxpayers must be able to follow the dollar, to know how much is invested, for what purposes
      Regular review of investment programs ensures accountability, discipline to purpose and allows for adjustment to benefit from lessons learned

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