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Future workers


Construction, for some, can be intimidating because it is big, noisy and full of heavy equipment. For others, the heavy equipment is what drew them to the industry.

“There’s no reason a woman couldn’t hop in a loader and drive it as well as men can.

“You don’t start with 10 years of experience. You have to start somewhere and you have to be kind to yourself when you start.”

Samantha Line, lab technician, Munro Group’s Lilyfield Quarry

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Jamie Maytwayashing, loader operator, Bituminex Paving, underground division

Jamie Maytwayashing was drawn to heavy construction because his dad worked in the field. Maytwayashing started small, as a skid steer operator before moving into heavy construction and now drives a loader.

“I just enjoy being in a machine, being on my own.”

It was always his goal to operate heavy equipment and in his current job, he found the crew helped him find his feet, get comfortable with heavier equipment and greater responsibility. Now, Maytwayashing is showing others how to work onsite.

To those who are intimidated at the thought of breaking into the industry for a career, Maytwayashing’s message is go for it:

“Just get out there and do it. Be confident in yourself and your abilities.”

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