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Think you know what sexual harassment is?
25% of Canadian who reported sexual harassment at work found management “unresponsive and dismissive”

Eye-opener on sexual harassment in the construction industry
Workplace Harassment in Heavy Industry | Contractor Management


  • Manitoba Human Rights Code – discrimination – Sec. 9 • view
  • WSH Act and Regulation definition of ‘harassment’ – Sec. 1.1.1 (1) • view
  • Preventing Harassment in the Workplace • SAFE Work Manitoba • view

“Our industry needs to recruit new hires, to attract people looking for a good, well-paying start in a field with lots of opportunity to advance in a career. We have solid job-training programs, and our safety and health programs have served as the model for other industries.

“We have to get better at letting people know that, not just opening that door but convincing youth and people from diverse backgrounds to consider heavy construction.”

Nicole Chabot, MHCA Board Chair, Vice-president L. Chabot Enterprises


Nearly 1 in 4 Manitoba employers have seen issues with sexual harassment: survey
CBC News – Dec 29, 2017 
55% of private sector employers have a formal policy on sexual harassment, Probe survey suggests
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“Our industry just lends itself to diversity. Newcomers, especially, are drawn to it and they are more than welcome.”

Dennis Cruise, MHCA Board Vice-Chair, President & General Manager Bituminex Paving

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“Historically, heavy construction was a landing place for people from diverse communities, but now we have to be more deliberate about recruitment, more aware that there has to be accommodation in order to ensure all are welcome. And I see lots of signs the industry is not just ready, but enthusiastic in that effort.”

Chris Lorenc, MHCA President

“I think the biggest thing is mentorship. Everybody in this business has had mentors. They need a mentor from your crew.”

“You need someone on your crew to go help and bridge that gap – you’re two different cultures.”

Munro stresses that pre-employment preparation and job training, such as that provided by Manitoba Construction Sector Council, are very important because that helps potential new hires understand what to expect from the job, specifically for heavy construction — long hours, working conditions, or working remotely, for example, setting up transportation to the worksite, and the need to have in place some critical family supports, such as day care.

Colleen Munro, President of the Munro Group and Hugh Munro Construction, was the first female Chair of the MHCA Board of Directors, and of the Western Canada Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association

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