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Important industry notices

Latest Notices from MTI Permits Services


  • Wednesday, December 14, 2022 – Closed from 10:00 a.m. to Noon
  • Wednesday, December 21, 2022 – Closed from Noon to 2:00 p.m.
  • Monday, December 26, 2022 – Closed all day (Boxing Day)
  • Tuesday, December 27, 2022 – Closed all day (in lieu of December 25)
  • Monday, January 2, 2023 – Closed all day (in lieu of January 1)

System issuance via the online permit system, MB MOOVES is available for One Move permits for temporary registration, temporary fuel tax, overdimensional permits up o 3.7 m wide, 4.6 m high and 31 m long, one move permits for overweight and route authorizations up to 60,000 kg GVW. You must be registered as an online user in order to access MB MOOVES.

Register online via:

2022-2023 Winter Seasonal Weights- Order No. 4

Please be advised that the 2022-2023 Winter Seasonal Weights (WSW) will be allowed starting on Sunday, December 4 in Climate Zone 1A (southern Manitoba).

Please note that WSW are in effect starting on Wednesday, November 16 in Climate Zone 3 (Thompson/northern area); Saturday, November 19 in Climate Zone 2 (The Pas area); and Sunday, November 20 in Climate Zone 1B (Swan River area).

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2023 Spring Road Restrictions (SRR)

Below please find the 2023 Spring Road Restrictions (SRR) Order #1 and the Summary of Changes from last year.

Spring Road Restrictions Order #1

Summary of Changes 

Emulsified Asphalt Cement Cost Adjustment for micro surfacing and chip seal

Due to unprecedented spikes in the price of oil, MTI has developed a cost adjustment mechanism for performance and penetration grade asphalt cements, which will be included in upcoming tenders. MTI is extending the cost adjustment specification to emulsified asphalt cement used in the construction of micro surfacing and chip seal. Click here to see the adjustment.

The emulsified asphalt cement cost adjustment specification that will be included in upcoming tenders. The cost adjustment will be calculated based on MTI price index, residual asphalt cement content and the quantity of work placed in the month. Click here to see the worksheet MTI will be using to calculate cost adjustments throughout construction.

For clarification or concerns, please contact:

Andre Dupuis, B.Sc.
Surfacing Program Manager
Pavement and Materials Section
Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure
920- 215 Garry Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3P3
Tel. 204-391-3803

City of Winnipeg updates, posts new specifications

City of Winnipeg Public Works has issued the following specifications.

Please see below and links to the documents.

Updates for CW3110-R22 – Sub-Grade, Sub-Base, and Base Course Construction and CW 3140-R1 Supply and Installation of Pavement Repair Fabric

The new CW3110-R22 specification is effective November 15, 2022. A summary of the changes is as follows:

CW3110-R22 – Sub-Grade, Sub-Base, and Base Course Construction

The material gradations have been updated;

  1. The compaction acceptance criteria for 50 mm sub-base containing more than 30% oversize material has been updated;
  2. Qualification of the testing laboratories for quality control and quality assurance has been added; and
  3. Payment adjustments are included in Tables CW3110.5 and .6. Our design teams need to apply the payment adjustments and report them to Project Management and the Pavement Management Branch.

The CW 3140-R1, SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF PAVEMENT REPAIR FABRIC covers the supply and installation of pavement repair fabrics for reinforcement of asphalt layers, distribution of loads, and reducing reflective cracking distresses.

CW 3110-R22

CW 3140 – R1


Winnipeg Public Works department is adding a fuel cost adjustment clause as an addendum to road construction contracts, excepting any element of water and waste work in those contracts.

Click here to see an example of such an addendum.


  • Water & Waste has decided against including such a clause in its contracts. The MHCA continues to press senior City administrators to change that decision
  • Fuel price adjustment clause for bid hourly work (such a snow clearing) is under consideration; the City will likely decide upon this adjustment in later summer

To read the details of the Public Works fuel adjustment clause, click here.

Asphalt Cement Adjustment

MTI at the beginning of each month posts an update to its asphalt cement cost-adjustment clause. Click here to see the latest update, or go to MTI’s webpage.

Construction industry minimum wages to rise

The Province of Manitoba has announced changes to the regulations of the Construction Industry Wages Act to effect a series of increases in wages, the first of which is September 1, 2022.

Click here to see the updated minimum wage regulation and a schedule for the increases for our industry.

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure 2022 Multi-Year Highways Investment Strategy April 2022

  • To see the MTI strategic plan, click here.

Notice: Traffic Control signage – Contractors

I wish to draw the attention of your members to the revised Traffic Control clause in our tenders for 2022 (E7.1(c) below). This clause has been included in advertised tenders since late last year, and so is currently active in several roadway contracts. This operation, and the stock of signs for its function, was previously conducted primarily by the Traffic Services Branch of Public Works. For this change, contractors must have or have access to (though a subcontractor) the necessary regulatory signage for the operations noted below.

As PWD is aware that not all contractors will have a sufficient stock of the required signs to manage this new operation for all of their projects, the Traffic Services Branch has agreed to supply on loan – for 2022 only – the signs needed for the additional operations, new this year. A number of contractors are already aware and have been taking advantage of this.
Traffic Services will be keeping track of the signs loaned out, and those not returned at the end of the project will be charged through a CWO at the end of the contract.
Contractors should confirm the numbers and types with their respective Contract Administrators and the project’s staging plans prior to contacting Traffic Services.
Contractors and are further cautioned to not request any more signs than Traffic Services would have supplied in the same operation prior to this change. Traffic Services does not have an unlimited supply of all signs and still have their own extensive operations to conduct.
For the 2023 construction season, contractors and/or their subcontractors will be responsible for their own supply.
Michelle Stainton, P. Eng.
A/Project Management Engineer
Public Works Department
Project Management Branch – Engineering Division

Province Announces Third Intake for Quarry Rehabilitation Program

  • The Manitoba government is opening a third intake for the Quarry Rehabilitation on Private and Municipal Land Program, Natural Resources and Northern Development Minister Scott Fielding announced. Read news release.

    • Click here to see a power point presentation on the quarry rehab application process

heavy construction industry minimum wages

  • The Manitoba Government has posted online the draft regulations for the updated heavy construction industry minimum wages. The proposals will go to consultations, following which it is expected the new minimum wage scale will be implemented September 1, 2022.

Construction Specifications for Emulsified Asphalt Chip Seals

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure has released its new specification, which will be used in the upcoming chip seal tenders to be released in the coming weeks.

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2022 construction projects – view tender schedule


WWD & PWD construction program List 2022 – view

Recycled Concrete Aggregates (RCAs) in Construction Season 2022

The MHCA wishes to convey the below information sent (verbatim) by the City of Winnipeg to industry arising from discussions with Public Works related to the use of RCAs for the 2022 construction season.

“For the 2022 construction season, the CW3110-R21 materials, Granular A, B, & C will be specified in tenders without modifications to engineering properties and gradations.

Granular C, which may be Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) or limestone, will be predominately specified on road renewal locations that require a rehabilitation treatment as well as under sidewalks and private approaches. Specific project exceptions may apply.

Granular B, which may be RCA or limestone, will be predominately specified for sub-base on low volume residential streets and alleys where a reconstruction treatment is required. For 2022, there are 8 residential streets and 2 alleys reconstructions where Granular B will be specified which currently represent all the low volume street and alley reconstructions expected to be tendered. If additional low volume residential street and alley reconstructions are identified, a determination will be made on the specified materials based on site conditions and other design factors.

The 10 locations identified above represents approximately 6 lane-km of pavement and an estimated 21,000 tonnes of Granular B sub-base material. Where the contractor chooses to use RCA for Granular B, the intent is for the City to work closely with the supplier and the contractor on quality control and placement as the intent is to monitor and improve consistency of the material. This is the same approach as was used in 2021. There are no payment adjustments specified in CW3110-R21. Where material meets rejection/removal criteria, no material placed before results of the first failed test are received will be required to be removed.

Granular A will be specified for all other street reconstructions.”

Brad Neirinck, P. Eng.
Manager of Engineering
City of Winnipeg

new Manitoba Online Permitting System

The Province of Manitoba has upgraded its online permitting system, now called Manitoba MOOVES (Moving Oversize & Overweight Vehicles Efficiently and Safely). Information regarding the updated system, including carrier and permit service account set up and other details can be seen at