MHCA acknowledges it is located on Treaty One land and the homeland of the Metis Nation

Important industry notices

2021-2022 Winter Seasonal Weights (WSW)

2021-2022 Winter Seasonal Weights (WSW) – Order No. 5

Please be advised that 2021-2022 Winter Seasonal Weights (WSW) will be allowed starting on Wednesday, December 15 in Climate Zone 1A (Southern Manitoba).

Please note, the Winter Seasonal Weights are in effect starting on November 25 in Climate Zone 3 (Thompson area), December 2 in Climate Zone 2 (The Pas area) and December 5 in Zone 1B (Swan River area).

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2022 Spring Road Restrictions (SRR)

The changes from last year’s restrictions are:

Added Restriction:

  • None

Removed Restriction:

  • PTH 34 – PTH 1 to PTH 16

Restriction Level Changed from Level 2 to Level 1:

  • None

Restriction Level Changed from B1 Level 1 to A1 Level 1:

  • PR 233 – 2.4 km west of PTH 17 to 5.0 km west of PTH 17
  • PR 245 – Graysville to 1.6 km west of PTH 3
  • PR 283 – Junction of PR 282 to PTH 10
  • PR 509 – PTH 59 to PR 204

Due to the continuation of COVID-19 pandemic, the following exemptions will continue to apply to the Essential Commodities Provisions for the 2022 Spring Road Restrictions season as well:

  1. Despite the imposition of Level 1 road restrictions, a vehicle may transport essential commodities at normal loading on a highway that is subject to Level 1 road restrictions.
  2. Despite the imposition of Level 2 road restrictions, a vehicle may transport essential commodities at normal loading, in lieu of standard Level 1 weights, on a highway that is subject to Level 2 road restrictions.
  3. The following items are included for the 2022 Spring Road Restrictions season in the list of essential commodities that do not require a permit:
  • grain to satisfy grain quotas or contracts
  • potatoes or vegetables from producer to processor

All other conditions specified in the “2022 SPRING ROAD RESTRICTIONS (SRR) ORDER # 1 (Special)” and at the SRR website shall still apply, including the limitations on using the shortest amount of a Level 2 restricted road when hauling essential commodities.

Please note, the special concessions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may be withdrawn depending upon the prevailing COVID-19 situation during the 2022 spring road restrictions period.

Manitoba Infrastructure will monitor the weather during the 2022 spring season to determine if a later start or an earlier end dates of the SRR are possible for any climate zone. New order(s) will be released during spring 2022 for a later start date and/or an earlier end date in a zone.

Please contact the Manitoba Permit Office at (204) 945-3961 or at 877-812-0009 if you have any questions.

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2022 SRR – Summary of changes

new Manitoba Online Permitting System

The Province of Manitoba has upgraded its online permitting system, now called Manitoba MOOVES (Moving Oversize & Overweight Vehicles Efficiently and Safely). Information regarding the updated system, including carrier and permit service account set up and other details can be seen at