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Premier announces extra $500 million over two years for infrastructure

Sewer & water and roads will see additional funding over the next two years, among other “shovel worthy” infrastructure projects as part of Manitoba’s “Restart” program coming out of the pandemic, Premier Brian Pallister announced May 7.

Pallister noted the heavy construction industry has called for enhanced investment as part of the economic recovery plan in Manitoba, stressing that there is ample capacity within the industry for the work and that the competitive market at present will return good prices and real value for the money.

He said the intent is to focus on not just shovel-ready projects, but those that are ‘shovel-worthy’ – those with high return on investment.

The $500-million Manitoba Restart Program will include new:

  •  water and sewage projects through the Manitoba Water Services Board
  • road and highway resurfacing and repairs
  • bridge repairs
  • municipal infrastructure priorities
  • potential new cost-sharing construction projects with other levels of government if agreements can be reached.

“An additional $500 million of economic stimulus is welcome and we know there is real need for attention to our highways, sewer & water and water-control projects in Manitoba,” MHCA President Chris Lorenc said.

“There are good projects awaiting funding and the Premier is quite right about return on investment. Important trade-enabling transportation projects will boost our economy for many years to come because they raise trade productivity and Manitoba’s trade profile.”

The premier did not identify specific projects that will roll out, but said municipalities have a long list with a number of projects to be prioritized.

To see the government press release click here.