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MHCA’s Workforce committee seeks expanded courses at RRC

MHCA and representatives of its Board of Directors met recently with Red River College to provide input on course content and to discuss expanding courses to better prepare graduating students in the Construction Management Program for entry into the heavy construction industry.

MHCA and WORKSAFELY® met with Ellowyn Nadeau, construction management instructor at RRC, to discuss areas where the college could be providing greater education and training within the Construction Management Degree program. Nadeau is also the Chair of the Winnipeg Construction Association.

Potential additional courses or modules discussed included: estimator; quality surveyor; tendering process; equipment fleet management; ownership; maintenance and usage. Joining the MHCA and WORKSAFELY® team were Workforce Development Committee Chair Tony Teixeira, former Board chair Gord Lee and Board member John Highmoor.

The discussion also noted there was room for the industry and the college to work together, to introduce students to the opportunities within heavy construction including industry speakers in the classrooms and at events, sponsorships and perhaps including students in closing of estimating exercises.

“We have really exciting ideas and plans for workforce development that will be lead through the experience and expertise on the new committee, which we expect will hold its first meeting in the months to come,” said Don Hurst, Director of WORKSAFELY® Education and Training.