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MTI releases transportation infrastructure strategy, long-term plan

The Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure department has created and posted publicly its long-term plan for transportation infrastructure investment, with an estimated schedule for the roll out of major projects.

“We are very glad to have this planning document, a good blueprint our industry can review to know what it should plan for, years down the road,” MHCA President Chris Lorenc said.

“With such prospective plans, our industry members can line up critical elements of their business plans – equipment acquisition, supplies and human resources – and that simply makes for better planning, more competitive bids and, therefore, better prices returned to the public project owners.”

That’s better value, all around, to the taxpayers because it gets more out of an annual capital program’s budget, Lorenc noted.

The MHCA has been in discussions with MTI senior officials about elements of and possible refinement to the procurement process, for highways capital and water infrastructure and water-control structures.

Among the items discussed are:

  • Size, scope, and location of the program – balance in all elements such as paving, earth-moving and asphalt work
  • Designing procurement to assist in industry capacity growth
  • Contract terms and indemnity language
  • Pre-tender project budget estimates
  • Timely tender advertising and awards
  • Bid-irrevocability periods
  • Formal change order process

To see the MTI strategic plan, click here.